Monica Greenwald

Art Director


I’m dedicated to the art and craft of design, attention to detail and enhancing the impact of a brand through print, digital and product experiences. For 15 years as a designer I have lead teams, companies and individual clients with visual identity, communication and art direction projects helping to solidify messaging and strategy with a strong point of view.

Where design meets life is where you'll find me. I love to travel near and far, think broad, start small, dig in and show up. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m focused on limited freelance clients and open to new opportunities for full time work as a Creative Director and Designer. My side project is a publication called Lull Magazine that invites us to challenge creative blocks with inspirations from the void.  


Freelance and select clients;

Apple, Elephant SF, One Medical, Ideo SF, Ford Greenfield Labs, SY Partners, Bleacher Report, Projects For All, Heather McGrath, Parachute Studios, Paper Fortress Films, Moth Design, AARN Plastics, Steph Larsen Photo, Crews for a Cause.