Capturing Moments
in Time

Heather McGrath Photography

Heather McGrath is a Boston based photographer with a passion for haunting and beautiful landscapes from around the globe. Her sensibility for revealing true, natural beauty in her subjects comes through effortlessly in whatever she captures with her lens. Her visual identity and collateral were created to be flexible but strong in her personal point of view. 

Visual Identity, Print Collateral, Promotions



Inspired by 20th-century cabinet cards, Victorian-era ephemera and a love for letterpress, she hired me to design her visual identity and print collateral suite that represented her vintage aesthetic while showcasing her most powerful images from her travels and personal projects.


We collaborated to design a letterpress printed self-promotional package called 10 Miniature Views —a nod to photo souvenirs and travel keepsakes of times past. The concept was to allow the receiver the experience of looking through a small window into incredible or otherwise unimaginable scenes—not just places to visit, but showing Heather's unique viewpoint as a photographer. The small, intimate package was created to be a tactile experience and one to treasure.