Cyclists Unite
in Union Square

Somervelo Bicycle Workshop

Somervelo is a full-service bicycle shop created by two seasoned mechanics building on the strong cycling culture in the heart of Union Square, Somerville. This passionate duo of former bike messengers share a reputation for quality repairs, custom builds, and a no-nonsense, yet friendly attitude. The bike shop’s brand was built using these simple principles in mind.

Logotype, Visual Identity System, Print Collateral, Apparel, Art Direction, Website


The logo was constructed using 2 open-ended dual lines, reminiscent of tire tread lines, and a nod to vintage Italian racing stripes. With a limited color palette, utilitarian but friendly typography, a series of graphic line patterns and iconic bike part illustrations, the basis for their visual identity was intentionally sparse and flexible to allow them to do what they do best—service the hundreds of cyclists that go through Union Square every day.

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Photography by HEATHER MCGRATH